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Neo Reedy [userpic]
[ Diving in! ]
by Neo Reedy (neo53)
at October 10th, 2010 (09:19 pm)

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I am new in this community but not a stranger to snails!

I have wanted Giant African Land Snails for almost as long as I can remember when I use to capture slugs when I lived in Michigan. But alas, African Land Snails are outlawed as many of you know, in the USA.

Now I am located in the UK, the opportunity has re-opened to me and tomorrow morning (October 11th) I am going to be getting two 9-month olds from a hobbyist who came recommended to me by one of my dearest friends.

I am so excited! Tank is all ready to go and in place. Meeting the lady at a meet the ladies at my local pub put together on Monday mornings. Heck, its put on by my friend who recommended the breeder in the first place :) I wish there was a way to express my excitement! 2 decades of quietly wishing now coming to an end. Husband thinks keeping snails is a bit dubious, but he'll come around soon enough :B

I know this community has been a tad quiet, but I see quite a few of ya are still watching and hope I can help spark a little life back into this place :)

I WOULD LOVE TO SEE PICTURES OF YOUR MOLLUSK BABIES! I can't wait to get mine and would love to see yours! I will be posting photos when they get settled in :)

⚓ Nicole [userpic]
New snail - stowaway...
by ⚓ Nicole (froggbee)
at March 14th, 2009 (10:28 am)

On the left is my snail... I can't remember if I ever named him. One the right is justdave516's snail, Gary. Gary is constantly on my snail's back, usually sucking the green off his shell. And to the far right, that tiny little blip, is an itty, bitty snail!!

He stowed away in the new betta's cup... On the drive home I was like "Dave, that's a snail!" and Dave was like "No, it's just a poop". Then, it started moving around and it is just chilling on Gary's back now.

And the most fascinating part is how much Gary has grown in the month we've had him. The part of his shell where it looks crackled and then is a dark brown - that's all new growth from the past month we've had him. Not to mention his body went from being, like, the size of a thumbnail to the size of half-a-thumb!!

Rusty, the new fish.

⚓ Nicole [userpic]
by ⚓ Nicole (froggbee)
at March 3rd, 2009 (10:20 am)

What is that???

⚓ Nicole [userpic]
Snail Behavior
by ⚓ Nicole (froggbee)
at February 28th, 2009 (09:39 am)

justdave516 and I have a 10g tank with a single male betta and two snails. Unsure of what type of snails exactly, they were in tanks labelled "Assorted Snails". One is a bit larger than the other, "his" body is black-ish. The other is a little smaller and his body is white-ish.

The white-ish guy seems fairly normal to me. He spends most of his time climbing up the glass walls, all over the plants (live plants), or just speed-racing across the gravel.

The black-ish guy is much more interesting. The tank has a filter and a little scuba guy blowing air bubbles. The black-ish snail spends very little time on the glass - if he's not in the plants, he's sitting on top of the scuba guy, directly on where the air bubbles blow out. Or, he's sitting in the current of the out-flow of the filter, just being spun around. And he seems to dig it. If I push him to the other side of the tank, I swear he swims right back to the current. He'll have his full body out of his shell (as much as it can) and just spins in the current. Or, for a few days last week he was being a super weirdo. He'd be floating at the front right corner of the tank (away from the filter and bubbler)... He'd then back up to the glass, slime his way down to the gravel, walk out about 3" and then just let go and float back up the surface. He'd do this about 8 or 9 times over the period of an hour - maybe 'til he got bored with it? Then he'd go molest the plants. (I got video of this - maybe I'll go YouTube it.)

Right now - and all morning actually - he's in the current of the filter again. He's got his body as far out of the shell as possible, but his got his body rolled up tight like a sausage. He seems to like it because when I pulled him away (figuring maybe he was stuck in the current), he backed up to the glass, speed-raced all the way around the tank to the filter, ate a piece of betta food that was stuck to the intake of the filter, then just let go and floated back up to the current.

Is this normal? Abnormal? Is he just a character keeping himself amused?

Oh, and pics because everyone loves them...Collapse )

Jessica [userpic]
found the other day :)
by Jessica (solipglossed)
at June 14th, 2008 (12:23 pm)

Hey everyone. I found a neat snail outside the other day and took a picture of it. It came out onto my screen patio after a really long rain. Can you tell me what he/she is? I let it go the same day I found it though. I kinda wish I would have kept it! I didn't know you could keep them as pets until I did a search on here! :)
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KitschyDuck [userpic]
Slimey Photos
by KitschyDuck (kitschyduck)
at June 8th, 2008 (06:59 pm)

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Hi all!
by rem_ir_estraven (rem_ir_estraven)
at May 23rd, 2008 (03:20 am)

I found this community by interests.
I like snails too - so here I am :) Let me introduce myself and my snails.

My name is Ruslan.
I am from Russia - so excuse me please if my English isn't perfect.
My professions are psycology (now I am a graduate student) and IT and my main hobbies are snails and karate.

Now I have: 2 achatina immaculata named Zver' and Dzerzhinsky
1 succinea putris named Chun' May. I'm surely right identified the genus, but I'm not sure about the species
1 arianta arbustorum named Octavian Augustus
1 little slug I picked up from forest last weekend, I don't know what it can be yet. His name is Tabacco Captain
4 apple snails named Boatswain, Levius, Electron and Pachkulya-Pestrenkiy
and a lots of Planorbis corneus

And they all are so lovely ^_^

layangabi [userpic]
New Snail Owner
by layangabi (layangabi)
at April 27th, 2008 (07:42 pm)

Hi there folks,

I hope this is allowed...I picked up a snail, a really little guy a few days ago from a bok choi I got from the market. He was curled up in the "stem" part of the plant.

I've named him Steve, placed him in a jar, with several centimeters of soil and all the bok choi, lettuce, and brocolli he can eat. (He loooooves brocolli) 8} I've also given him some eggshell, and sprinkled the bottle with droplets of water. But while he has bursts of activity (around morning or twilight), he spends a lot of his time inside his shell. And I mean a lot.

I don't know if that's normal for him, or if it's because it's winter here (we're in Australia), or whether there's something I can do to make it a more pleasant environment. I've googled and used some snail sites, but I don't know what he is. He's very tiny---he takes up a quarter of the cuticle on my little finger; his shell is conical, and dark brown, lighter towards the main body. Does anyone what he is, and what I can do to give him a happier, healthier home?

KitschyDuck [userpic]
Snaily Update no.678934643643784
by KitschyDuck (kitschyduck)
at March 24th, 2008 (03:53 pm)

KitschyDuck [userpic]
Helpful Links
by KitschyDuck (kitschyduck)
at March 11th, 2008 (05:00 pm)

Snail Websites:

PetSnails - A lot of very useful information and a message board all snail owners should certainly be a part of.
SuperSnails - A message board full of awesome people and a personal favourite hang out of mine.
Bug Nation - A haunt for all bug fans and home to a very popular snail forum.
ExoticPetsUK - A website belonging to Kevin, who I believe knows more about snails than anyone!

Clean-up Crew Links:

Hypoaspis Miles - These mites are sometimes also used in reptile tanks and for gardening purposes as they prey on mites that are harmful to plants and animals. If you find white mites on your snails, you should buy these helpful critters ASAP and chuck them in the tank to do their magic.

Woodlice - Woodlice eat left over food and snail droppings, helping to keep the enclosure clean. If you choose the white, tropical species you will need to have a heated tank. You could catch wild woodlice yourself, but you will need to keep them with hypoaspis mites for a couple of weeks first, before you can expose them to the snails in order to make sure the woodlice aren't carrying anything.

Springtails - Springtails are a tropical species that breed very well within snail tanks and help keep the soil clean.

Earthworms are also extremely helpful as a part of your snail clean-up crew. They turn the soil and recycle the leftover and snail waste they eat into more fresh soil, and are probably the most valuable of the crew. If you choose to catch worms in your own garden, keep them with hypoaspis mites for a couple of weeks first, to make sure they don't pass anything onto your snails. However, they are quite cheap on Ebay.

Snail Habitat Links:

Coir bales - A very good substrate chosen by most snail owners. It comes it dried, sterile blocks and therefore requires no freezing before use. This website used to sell bricks of coir, but all they have at the moment are bales. You could cut a 6th of coir off and add 2 litres of warm water to it in a bucket in order for it to expand after 24 hours and fill a small tank. This site sells coir a price a LOT cheaper than what I've seen in pet shops.

Terrariums - These fantastic tanks can be used for inverts and amphibians. You may have to cover the top mesh with foil or cling film in order to get the humidity up for snails that need more warmth and humidity though. With holes at the back for heat mats to be easily fitted on the inside and front-opening doors, this is a great tank for any species of snail.

Custom-Made Tanks - Extremely well-priced and custom-built to suit any home.

KitschyDuck [userpic]
Snail update. Tons of photos!
by KitschyDuck (kitschyduck)
at February 20th, 2008 (08:42 pm)

KitschyDuck [userpic]
New Arrivals!
by KitschyDuck (kitschyduck)
at January 17th, 2008 (08:47 am)

KitschyDuck [userpic]
Photo Post!
by KitschyDuck (kitschyduck)
at January 16th, 2008 (08:48 pm)

KitschyDuck [userpic]
African Snail Care Sheet
by KitschyDuck (kitschyduck)
at January 16th, 2008 (04:43 pm)

The first thing most people say when they find out I keep snails as pets is, 'why snails?' The short answer to this question is that I find them more interesting than fish. The long answer is that I love how rewarding they are. -The better you care for a snail, the more active and healthy they are. Neglect your snails and they will stay in their shell, go into hibernation and not eat. Treat them well and they will crawl up the glass, mate, lay eggs and munch on all those delicious fruit and vegetables you provide them. It all comes down to just the mere joy of caring for something and seeing them happy and healthy, and snails are easy to care for as long as you pay attention to their needs.

In most pet and reptile shops that sell snails, you will see them labelled as 'giant African land snails'. Usually these are East African land snails, or Achatina Fulica and are one of the easiest to care for.

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